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Vendors for in United States. Where can i buy online? [SOLVED]

  On Mar 13 / 2024 at 11:00 AM, JHamitlon said:

Hello! I'm new here so try and keep that in mind.. :-)
As the title suggests, I need .
Does anyone know where I would be able to buy some ?..
I live in United States. Any help is appreciated. Any suggestions?... thanks to all the experts in this forum !!!!!

Yes, I'm interested in direction as well! Looking for fast shipping in United States

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Had a good experience with this vendor ChemStorehub365.net/buy/. He sources from a very reputable vendor, that much I know, and is held in high regard. I think, as with many vendors, his supplies might be limited because of the China ban, sadly... But I got my in 4 days after order (I live on the west of United States).
No need to pay extra “insurance” to other vendors, I personally know this vendor and it will reship for free.
Make your own decision after reading feedback. Thanks and welcome!

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I've recently aquired from this vendor. Good quality product, excellent customer service. Definitely would recommend. Their best products list has dwindled a bit since the op, I hope they add more compounds soon. And they ship worldwide.

What a great seller to deal with.. Pleasant to deal with. Prompt, responsive and to the point.. A great list of products and prices seem inexpensive.. No complaints and will have a life long customer for Vals... Anyone have any questions pm me and I can elaborate.. High purity product.. And showed patience... Thank you ChemStorehub365.net !

Always a great experience with ChemStorehub365.net! Received my new order, high purity. Ordered 5/1. Shipped 5/7. Received 5/18 in United States

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Quality is good . From my point of view, they don't sell crap. About shipping, i always had to wait several days to receive (up to 1-1,5 weeks) but guys remember you buy online from other country... If you want fast delivery, just forget it ! There is no place like home. personally, I don't care.

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